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February 21, 2007



As you point out, there was not a specific office of bishop at the beginning of the Church. It evolved, as did the other two clerical offices we still have. In fact, we lost a whole load of offices, such as prophets.
However, as far as I can see, the first person who could have the title of bishop given to him retrospectively would have been James, the brother of Jesus, and leader of the Jerusalem Church (Church being the wrong word, but you know what I mean). James was not an apostle.

Rob Eaton

You just seem to always have yourself in a twist. I figure you're mostly joking or prodding in the posts I have read for some kind of response.

But, just for the sake of whatever, I'll bite on this one. I guess the premise of your argument, referring to scripture (which is a little ironic for your apparent beliefs) is that
"Jesus said little or nothing about how the disciples — old or new — should govern themselves;"

So, I'd like to know, from your research, what DID Jesus say about how the disciples should govern themselves? "Little or nothing" is either a rhetorical phrase on your part meaning (as you also have said) "silence", or you concede you saw something somewhere in the bible that you are willing to include as the "little" from Jesus.


D. C. Toedt

Hi Rob — please read endnote 1 of the main posting. Did I miss anything?


BTW, to address your subsidiary point, I refer to Scripture from time to time for two main reasons:

• First, to show that 'reasserters' too often ignore those portions of the Bible that are inconvenient to their ideologies. In litigation, turning around an adversary's own evidence on him is a standard tactic in the playbook; it often works nicely in other contexts too; and

• Second, to establish my credentials and bona fides — I flatter myself that I'm not just some village-atheist crank, making a nuisance of himself criticizing things he's never studied.

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