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August 22, 2006


Derek the Ænglican

Hmmm. Groveling suggests absement that is over the top and entirely undeserved. I'd really prefer something stronger than acknowledgement, though, which sounds like a mere nod of the head--one equal to another. In the grand scheme of things, we're hardly equals to the creator of the whole she-bang... Revisit Ps 8 for some good creation based notions on our respective places...

D. C.

Derek, you make a good point about acknowledgement. I edited the main post to address it. Thanks for the helpful input.

Derek the Ænglican

The word used in Hosea 6:6 is da'at. Despite what the NIV translators may think, it means "knowledge" period. For instance, it's the word used in "tree of knowledge" in Gen 2.

The knowledge of God, then, would involve an understanding of our respective places in the universe...

John Wilkins

I think the act of praise unites the human soul beautifully. God might not NEED praise, but praising Him - or just praising his creation - does wonders for the spirit (or one's seratonin levels if you must).

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