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June 28, 2006





2.5 Unfortunately, the English-language phrasing, "I believe in X" too often is taken to mean, "I think X is factually the way things are" instead of "I put my trust in X, that is, I've decided to live as though X were true."

I think the whole of all your arguments hinge on this one point. It is about as direct as you can get. It allows one to affirm doctrine or dogma without forcing a sort of intellectual or spiritual imperialism on others.

Of course, when trying to live together in communion, even this can be a problematic approach, as we must discern together how to live and upon which truth to base it. In that sense, there is a certian genius to Anglicanism Common Prayer tradition. Yet that tradition still doesn't seem to hold very well these days. (NB: Not that Lutherans have it easier)

David Huff

Wonderful stuff, D.C.! Thanks :)

2.4 The Athanasian Creed is incoherent gibberish.

Actually laughed out loud at this one. My wife wondered what was so funny, so I showed her. Now she thinks I'm even more of a weirdo... ;)

Oh, and just as a public stmt: I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords from Alpha Centauri...


While what is said is moral and upsatnading, The emphsis still remains in His gift to us was a "hall pass" to heaven. His gift was free to us, if we simply accept his gift. So often people beleive the "story", but do they beleive to ask Jesus for this gift!

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