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April 22, 2006



Too bad I don;t know how to do trackbacks.

D. C.

Ruidh, your Blogger account doesn't seem to allow comments without logging into a Blogger account.

You seem to assign primary significance to the bishop's role of "connecting groups of worshippers around the world to one another." This is certainly an important role. But it presupposes that we are primarily Anglicans, and that the Episcopal Church and our home dioceses are merely administrative subdivisions of the larger Anglican Communion. That simply doesn't fit the historical evidence, not least the absence of any kind of Communion-wide constitution, canons, or governing structure. Some traditionalists are agitating to impose all these things, but historically they simply haven't existed before now.

I very much doubt that many Episcopalians would agree that a bishop's ambassadorial role trumps everything else s/he does in "overseeing" life in his or her own diocese.

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