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January 03, 2006


Ken Pierce

A point of curiosity: have you by any chance read Owen Barfield's Saving the Appearances? Based on this post, my money is tentatively on "yes"...

At any rate, if you can stomach a little more ATB, you might try the comments section on Alexandra's Holy Trinity thread. Based on this post of yours (which I should say I enjoyed) you're likely to find that whole conversation interesting.

Tobias S Haller BSG

Just as we regard the Scripture as "sufficient" so too we regard the Creed. As the Lambeth Quad puts it, the Nicene Creed is "the sufficient statement of the Christian Faith." It doesn't tell us everything about the church, much less about God; but it tells us enough. Isn't it interesting that God appears only to want to give us enough to keep us hungry for the eventual enjoyment of the parousia --- our daily bread until we reach the heavenly banquet?

Joseph O'Leary

I discuss the Nicene Creed on my weblog -- look up "Questioning Back" 5.

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